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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Enjoy the last-est bit of summer in my new pink sunglasses! ~(O-O)~

I'm on The One Million Masterpiece! (^_^)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy Bub's-day!

Yesterday was my birthday and I had such a great day! (^_^) My friends came over to my house after school and I had my birthday party. Woohoo~I received lots of gifts! Mom baked me my favorite strawberry cheesecake and made lotssss of yummy food which everyone drooled over. My favorite gifts were a pair of pink gloves (from Corn), sunglasses with pink rims (from Baby), cute bows for my hair (from Koey), a fun craft kit (from Octy), and pinky new legwarmers which I have been wanting for a long time! (Yvettica--the shopoholic--she really knows the trends and what I wanted :P ) Thank you!! ^__^ I love you all! Other things I got were pretty pencil case, glittery nail polish, chocolate, plush toys, etc and etc. I like all of them.

Happy Birthday to me! (^_^)

Monday, September 25, 2006

My Day!

It's my birthday!!!!! ~(^__^)~

And it's my launch day!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Took a snapshot with Cornflake, Eleana-Marie and Ducky. (^_^)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sick bub. =\

I was outside playing with Corn, Hailey, and a couple others after school on Monday. When I got home, I felt sooo cold and suddenly I felt burning hot. Mom said I had fever. So daddy put me to sleep right away after dinner. I slept for a whole day yesterday. No school for two days. I don't like being sick. (>_<)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cleaning the house

Today is Saturday. Mom asked me to clean the house with her so we can go out tomorrow! ^_^

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Colorful Textbooks

Oh, it's been a week since school started. I didn't spend a lot of time online so I haven't been updating my blog much.

First week of school was easy, and all we pretty much did was gettting to know the teachers and getting our textbooks.

Cornflake came to my home last Thursday after school, and we started wrapping our textbooks in wrapping papers. Mom bought me pink polka dots and a pinky-lilac floral wrapping papers that are soooo nice~! (^__^) Cornflake did all hers in her favorite lavendar color and used glitter glue to write her name on the cover. Koey saw our colorful books and she started blah-blah-blah around school again. Koey Koey, that is just so "her". Funny enough, the next day everyone said they were going to do the same with their textbooks. Nice! =)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back 2 School!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First Day of School =)

Yesterday was my first day of school. Mom braided my hair extra-nicely, and dressed me up in my new pink dress. I picked my creamy white laced socks to match it. =) Of course, I had my new pastel pink backpack and pencil case too!!! I was so excited to get back to school. I couldn't wait any longer. I miss Koey a lot! She has been out of town at her Grandparents' place for the whole summer already!

Mr. Roogamy is my class teacher of this year. She seems very very nice and she dresses very elegantly too. :P I also met a few new friends. One of them was a funny one. Her name was Octy and she was in orange. I thought she looked like a basketball, and her lips were like sausages. Hehe...I told Mom when I got home, and she said, "O girl, please don't say that when you meet someone!" Oops, I just wanted to say what I felt. :P I thought Octy didn't feel uneasy anyway. We even walked home together. We'll have lunch together tomorrow too. :)

Too bad Koey is not in my class this year. But we met during reccess and lunch time. She told me so many funny stories about her summer vacation. Hahhahahahahha~I couldn't stop laughing when she told me how many times she swallowed bubblegum before she could blew a bubble. =D

I'm so happy to be back to school! Tomorrow will be the second day of school and I will meet my other new teachers and have my favorite art class for the first time of the year! Yay~

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Welcome to my first blog! (^_^)

I have a pink furry diary that I used to write in every day or so. But since blog is becoming so popular these days, I thought it'd be fun to have my own blog too! I have never done this before. Let's have a happy time here.

So where should I begin? As a gal that was never so interested in the technologies, how did I ever got linked up with a "blog"? I actually got this idea from one of my good friend peapea. She loves inventions, and it was just this one day when she kept telling me how much she enjoys writing her blog online. Well, of course it wasn't like I was as excited as knowing she got a shiny pink cami for me, hehe. :P But then, I thought it doesn't hurt to have a look. It was actually quite...err...interesting, should I say? I never knew that so many people would write stuff on their "blogs"! So finally I created my own. And tata~Here I am launching my first blog on the first day of school! =D

Stay tuned!! v(^_^)